Propaganda Posters
Propaganda Posters is an integral part of my thesis — The Papercy Project (c. 2009-2010).

At its heart, The Papercy Project is about resonance. There will always be both quantifiable and abstract aspects of graphic design that we have to reconcile and contend with — the tangible and intangible. I sought to achieve this by making my outcomes as open-ended to interpretation as possible, letting them derive personal meaning to ones who would view or use them.

My choice of medium to express this is paper — a material increasingly sidelined in a digital world. Tapping on glass surfaces is certainly close to replicating the experience of handling paper, but it is not paper. The physicality of the material resonates most deeply because the feedback that we get from it is most natural and organic.

The Propaganda series of handcrafted posters is a litmus test for Origami Type as a practical typeface in everyday and general usage. It is also, as its name suggests, a means to promote the aims of my thesis.


Typography Served, May 2010