Specializing in floral arrangements and installations, Fleurapy administers 'flower therapy' through their wonderful creations. A gorgeous new wordmark serves as the centrepiece of this branding adventure, with pressed flowers and pastel colours completing the entourage.

The blind embossed wordmark on the stationery is evocative of the therapeutic nature of Fleurapy. To add more personality, we even tapped the lady boss' awesome calligraphy skills for the business cards and website.

Please enjoy the flowers of our labour.

Design Direction: Pepper & Cinnamon
Art Direction + Calligraphy: Fleurapy
Coding + Development: Natalie

Fleurapy Stationery – Closeup
Fleurapy Stationery – 4R Note Cards
Fleurapy Stationery – Name Cards & Tags
Fleurapy Stationery – Name Cards 02
Fleurapy Stationery – Envelope & Note Cards 01
Fleurapy Stationery – Envelope & Note Cards 02
Fleurapy Website

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